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Debit Cards

When using a Debit Card, please be aware that your bank will pre-authorize your card for the total dollar value of your order.  A pre-authorization placed on a debit card by your bank will reflect as an actual charge on your account and may take your bank up to 14 business days to release the funds back to your account. To avoid this type of situation, it's recommended you use a credit card.


Name Tags

Q:  What is the difference between a full color and engraved name tag?
A:  Full color uses computer graphics to print an image onto a name tag. An engraved uses cutting  blades to etch/cut a design into the hard plastic.

Q:  What format should my logo be in?
A:  Logo must be in .jpg, .ai, .eps, or .pdf format.  Image should be at least 300 dpi. to achieve quality results.  We are PC based.

Q:  Do I have to pay a set up fee if I don't have a logo?
A:  There is no set up fee if we are using text only.

Q:  Do I have to pay a set up fee every time I place an order?
A:  If we have printed this logo previously there is not a set up charge.

Q:  Can you match my colors in my logo?
A:  We can PMS color match on our Full Color Name Tags.
Q:  Will you send me a sample of my name tag?
A:  We send an electronic proof of your name tag before productions.

Q:  Can I get just one name tag?
A:  There is a 5 piece minimum for your order.

Send yo
ur logo and list of names to:
Full Color Name Tags:
Engraved Name Tags:

Imprinted Product

Q:  What file format should I send for artwork?
A:  Vector artwork is preferred.

Q:  What is Vector Art?
A:  Vector artwork is an image created of points and paths, this results in artwork that is editable, scalable and able to be separated for spot color reproduction.  Common Vector file formats included .ai, .fh(x), .cdr, .indd amd .qxd.

Q:  Where can I find my logo in a vector format?
A:  To find your logo in a vector art format, contact your art, media, marketing or communications department.  It may also be stored on the standards or site map pages of your website.

Q:  Will I get a proof before any custom work is done?
A:  After your order is received an electronic proof will be emailed to you for review.  Production does not begin until you are satisfied with the artwork and have emailed your approval. 

Q:  How soon will I receive my imprinted product?
A:  Lead times may vary by product.  See the lead times on the specification page for the item you are interested in purchasing.